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Stained glass window showing image of a tree. In Memory Of

Consider creating a donor memorial in memory of a loved one. The tradition of creating a memorial to honor a loved one is as old as humanity itself. It is part of our natural desire to show our love and respect for those who have touched our lives. It is a powerful way to express our feelings in a creative and enduring way.

Family and friends of Crown Hill create donor memorials for a variety of reasons - to celebrate a life; to honor service to country; to commemorate achievement; to celebrate historic figures; to enhance the beauty of the cemetery; to preserve historic structures; to record the history of our community, state, and nation.

The donor memorials at Crown Hill link us with memories of loved ones no longer with us and with events that bind us to them. They speak to what we wish our children and grandchildren to hold dear in the future. They play a central role in our quest for understanding the cycle of life and death. They tell us the history of our community. They hold treasurers of art and architecture; reflect religious and spiritual thought; and challenge us philosophically. They preserve the past and inspire the future for generations gone and yet to come.

Perhaps you would you would like to plant a tree, preserve a historic structure, save a historic monument, or dedicate an entire section of the cemetery in memory of a loved one.

Perhaps you would like to create your own unique donor memorial in memory of a loved one. All memorial gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please contact Marianne Randjelovic, Vice President of Development at (317) 920-4165 or development@crownhill.org to learn about developing a donor memorial at Crown Hill Cemetery.

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"The beauty of the place impresses me more each time I visit it, but the beauty is not all, nor yet the sense of peace that pervades it. To me there is a feeling not unlike that felt in a community of the living - an impression of personality.

No, I do not mean spiritual presence - that the souls of the departed hover near their bodily resting place; nothing of the kind. My explanation is that so many men and women of strong character and public spirit and activity while here were so inseparable a part of the city’s life that their personality is not lost in death. Their influence lingers; it does not die with them."

- The Story of Crown Hill, By Anna Nicholas, 1928