Hearts Remembered Memorial

Every life touches someone
and no life should ever
be forgotten especially
the life of a child.

The Hearts Remembered Memorial was dedicated at Crown Hill Cemetery on Sunday, June 4, 2006. The memorial is dedicated to the 699 forgotten children from the Board of Children's Guardians, the Children's Bureau, Indianapolis Children's Asylum, and the Home for Friendless Colored Children who were buried in unmarked graves.

View of Hearts Remembered Memorial

Many of the children died from neglect, maltreatment, and disease. They remind us every day how precious the lives of our children are and that we as a society must protect and nurture all children.

The Hearts Remembered Memorial, designed by Joseph Miller, is comprised of three, black granite monoliths. The 9-foot center stone features a 30-inch cut circle that houses a bronze sculpture of two children, hand-in-hand, and is flanked on either side by 5-foot complementary stones. The names of the 699 forgotten children are engraved on the front and back of the three stones.

Visitors frequently visit the memorial bringing flowers for the children. Others visit the site with a Crown Hill tour guide.

View of Contributors Plaque Donors

Care for Kids Foundation, Inc.
R. Kent Baker
Michael D. Thierwechter
William T. Brady
Candy Faulkner
Greg Krontiris
Anita Nix
Dan K. Lowring
Marty Womacks
Barbara Wynne

Children's Guardian Home
Rosie Butler
Paul Browne

Adesa USA
American United Life
Bunzl Indianapolis
Clear Channel
CNC Systems Sales
Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Center
Guardian Home Guild
Mark-Ritz Corp.
Matthews International Corporation
Mislo Industries
R. Adams Roofing
Royal Melrose Granite
Sertoma East

Ayres Foundation
Flanner & Buchanan Funeral
Center Foundation
F & B Foundation
Eleanor Frenzel Charitable Trust
W. C. Griffith Trust
Guardian Home Foundation
Gladys Klest Estate
Eva Kunkle Estate
Lilly Endowment
Ruth Lilly Foundation
Alice & Kirk McKinney Family Fund
Randle Family Foundation
Stansfield Circle
Van Riper Family Foundation

Wayne Baer
Robert E. & Bea Baker
Stephen Blaising
Jennifer Bradley
Kendall Burdick
Athena Cherpas
Jack & Vickie Combs
Gary & Gina Dankert
Carol Davis
William L. Elder, Jr.
Timothy L. Elson
Brody & Rachel Ertel
Carol Fuson
Dan Galligan
Corienne Gettum
Bill & Marsha Goetz
Terry & Marcia Goins
Marvin Graves
Tom Hefner
Freda Kemp
Jim Kessler
P. E. MacAllister
Betty & David Moebs
Nancy Ann Morris
Hannah Nichols
Nancy Noel
John Nohl, MD
Gloria Novotney
Pat O'Connell
Bill O'Neill
Bill Peddie
Linda Pence
Diane Phillips
Kenneth Rosenfeld
Leonard Schutt
John Searight, MD
Anna Sturgeon
Dawn & Norm Tabler
Claudia Terry
Jane Wildman
Turner & Diann Woodard
Gary Woods