Memories in Glass

"In memory of Chester H. Newman Beloved Husband of Rachel H. Newman" designed by Fox Studios of Indianapolis. The Newman windows are located in the north building and the walkway Crown Hill Community Mausoleum. Rachel wanted her husband Chester, and all visitors to the Mausoleum to have something beautiful to look at.

Chester H. & Rachel H. Newman
Chester H. and Rachel H. Newman

Rachel H. Newman
Rachel Newman

"In memory of Ulysses S. Adair Beloved Husband of Ada A. Adair." Ada and Ulysses spent quiet, lovely hours in the garden together. They particularly enjoyed watching the red birds.

"To The Memory of The Family of Eli Lilly" (right) is located in the Peace Chapel of the Crown Hill Community Mausoleum. The window, designed by Henry Lee Willet of Willet Stained Glass Studios of Philadelphia, is a gift of the Lilly Endowment Fund and the Board of Corporators of Crown Hill Cemetery given in memory of Eli Lilly. A bronze statue of the same angel stands on the Lilly lot in Section 13 of the cemetery.

"A Magnificent Fulfillment of a Community Need," read the headline of THE INDIANAPOLIS TIMES on May 2, 1946 announcing the planned Crown Hill Mausoleum. Until the mid 20th century, families who preferred above ground interment had to bear the considerable cost of constructing a private mausoleum. To make mausoleum interment more widely affordable, Crown Hill commissioned the architectural firm of D. A. Bohlen & Son to design a resource for the entire community. Ground was broken in 1948 and the south building of the Mausoleum was dedicated in 1951. The north building was added ten years later.

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum is an architectural landmark featuring elements of the Art Deco design movement. The Mausoleumís exterior is Bedford limestone with intricate stone carvings and embellished aluminum doors. The marble-lined interior features various types of domestic and imported stone. Etched windows, bronze, and aluminum artwork add to the overall beauty and majesty of the structure.

Originally designed for above ground entombments, the Mausoleum contains approximately 4,500 crypt spaces, columbarium for urns, and gated alcove sanctuaries. Today the Mausoleum is also used for tours, lectures, concerts, meetings, and other public events.

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"You have a vision, a story, a space to illuminate.
To remember...your legacy for future generations."

Willet Hauser
Architectural Glass