The Sommer Twins

Crown Hill Old West Entrance

Mary and Mildred, The Sommer Twins, lived a block and a half from the old West Entrance to Crown Hill in the 1920ís. The girls frequently walked hand-in-hand with their father through the gate into the cemetery. Crown Hill was their family park. They enjoyed roaming the grounds together and especially admired the beauty of the trees.

The West Entrance is gone now. Mary is gone too. Mildred planted twenty-eight White Pines where the gate once stood and two Blue Spruce, one for Mary and one for herself.

Thge Sommer Twins Tombstone

Mildred also commissioned a polished black granite memorial in memory of Mary for the corner of Section 95A. The old West Entrance to the cemetery is laser-etched on the front of the stone, thereby, preserving the image of the historic structure forever. The Bedford limestone gate designed by Herbert Foltz built in 1901 was closed and razed shortly after the on/off ramps to I-65 were completed near that corner of the cemetery in 1965.

Memorial Tree Program

"It is such a peaceful place," said one woman who has outlived her immediate family. "It does not make me melancholy to visit there, and if I am down-hearted when I enter I come away with a more cheerful spirit. One would not think it could be so, but so it is."

The Story of Crown Hill
By Anna Nicholas 1928