Creatures of Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery has long been a home to a wide variety of wildlife; some seen quite often and others only through a rare glimpse. Before Crown Hill was founded in 1863, it's been written that bear and cougar were seen on the property. Nothing so wild and dangerous can be found here today, but we are home to many other interesting creatures.

Group of white-tailed deer White-tailed deer have made their way onto the property, most likely from the White River which runs not far from our northern boundary. They live and breed here, and are most often seen at dawn and dusk, but are spotted at other times as well. In the past we've sighted a family or two of red-tailed fox, and we always have a large number of squirrels. But to the surprise of many we've become the home to a coyote for the last couple of years, and he seems to be in no hurry to move on. Also spotted on the property have been red-tailed hawks, a wide variety of other birds, chipmunks, rabbits, and mice. But to get a true feel for who lives here, it's the amazing assortment of tracks seen in the snow which reveal all the creatures, large and small, who call Crown Hill their home.

Stained Glass Window In addition to the live creatures, visitors can see many others beautifully portrayed in stained glass windows and stone sculptures. In the Crown Hill Mausoleum visitors will find creatures represented in the Lilly stained glass window in the Peace Chapel, as well as numerous birds and butterflies in the contemporary stained glass windows donated by Rachel Newman (pictured to the right) and Ada Adair, all located on the second floor in the north building. There are also a number of creatures found in the beautiful stained glass window in the Bane private family mausoleum on the Crown. Lion Statues In addition to what we see in stained glass, other creatures are carved forever in stone. Examples would be the two majestic lions guarding the entrance to the Marott private family mausoleum on Section 51 (at left), the sculpture of the hunting dog reclining at the base of his master's tree trunk monument on Section 104, and the cat and bird carved onto an angel monument on Section 87.