Portrait of Gordon Wishard "As a cemetery it is unique in Indiana, for its size and the historical context it provides to the families it serves and to Indianapolis. As an outdoor museum and park, it is a place of reflection and education for thousands of visitors who come to it each year. There is no other property, in this city or state, that offers the pastoral tranquility and texture it does. Dignity, reverence, and peace are among many other words that define Crown Hill.

And as Crown Hill has well met the needs of this community for nearly 150 years, so the cemetery has needs itself that those who understand and care for it out to address. As an example, by making a bequest by will you help insure that this stunning place of natural beauty and Indiana history will continue to be sustained, over the next century and beyond."

~Gordon Wishard
Honorary Chairman
The Crown Society

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For information, please contact:

Marianne Randjelovic
Vice President of Development
Crown Hill Heritage Foundation
(317) 920-4165
700 W. 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208

"The visitor if he is in touch with the spirit of the place is not sad....[H]e is glad of the splendid trees that help to make the place beautiful. He sees the grace of a slender marble shaft and the artistic beauty of a guardian angel surmounting another shaft. He understands the sorrow that inspired the creation of the bronze figure of hopeless grief, admired by many, though he may not accept hopelessness as a proper symbol. He likes the fitness of the simple monument that marks the grave of a man who stood “four square” to the world. He can look upon the white walls and fine architectural lines of a mausoleum, not as a memento mori, but as a piece of human handiwork well adapted to its purpose."

The Story of Crown Hill
Anna Nicholas,