Abel D. Streight

Close up of A.D. Streight Memorial

Hello. My name is Abel D. Streight. I was born on June 17, 1828 in Wheeler, New York and died on May 27, 1892 in Indianapolis, Indiana. In my life I have been a building contractor, managed a lumber business, and published books and maps.

I served as Colonel of the 51st Indiana Infantry and raised a force to lead a raid into the South. There I was captured and taken to Libby Prison as a prisoner of war. After ten months, I escaped with 107 other soldiers by tunneling out from our barracks to freedom.

Distant view of the Streight Memorial My loving wife, Lovina, accompanied me on our southern campaign, ministering help to the wounded during battle. She was captured and exchanged for prisoners three times. The men came to know her as the “Mother of the 51st.” Upon her death in1910, she was given a funeral with full military honors. Her portrait hangs in the State Capitol Building in Indianapolis.

Lovina and I rest by an elaborate monument with columns and carved architectural features in Crown Hill Cemetery. My bronze bust is there with a full beard. I am wearing my military uniform with bars and epaulets, a high collar, and a double row of buttons. Unfortunately, our monument is covered with soot deposits and biological growths. There are numerous streaks at the lower part of our base and I am a bronze art object in need of surface treatment. All this fixing and cleaning may cost $12,000. We will be most appreciative if you are able to help the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation preserve us. Please Donate On-line Now or Print This Page. Thank you. Please come visit us in Section 29 at Crown Hill Cemetery.