Albertina Allen Forrest

Albertina Allen Forrest Memorial

Albertina Allen Forrest Portrait Hello. My name is Albertina Allen Forrest. I was born in 1872 and died in 1904 at the age of 32 from a cerebral hemorrhage. I was a professor at Butler University and very much enjoyed my life of thought and teaching. It was an honor to read my paper "The Cry 'Back To Christ': Its Implication" before the Campbell Institute at its meeting at the University of Chicago in 1900. It was an even greater honor when my paper was published posthumously in The American Journal of Theology in 1907.

I was vacationing with my dear husband Jacob Dorrsey Forrest in Florida when I died. Jacob was also a professor at Butler University and later General Manager of Citizen's Gas.

Jacob was inconsolable when I died. He commissioned noted sculptor Rudolph Schwarz to create a monument for me at Crown Hill Cemetery. The memorial features a bronze figure of a kneeling woman in Classical dress in a three-sided, Greek-temple style granite structure, under a pediment supported by Ionic columns. She holds a palm leaf symbolizing victory over death. Her head is lowered on her clasped hands in mourning. She leans forward against a block with a relief of a wreath, her proper right knee forward on a step and her proper left foot extends from beneath her hem. Benches are along the side walls of the structure. There is a stairway in front. There is a quotation about grief from "In Memoriam" by Alfred Lord Tennyson on the monument. My beloved Jacob lies nearby in an unmarked grave.

Albertina Allen Forrest Memorial Close Up My monument is covered with soot and biological growths. It is yellowish with discoloration, has missing tuck pointing, and chipped corners. Cleaning of the entire stone surface with Triton X-100 has been recommended along with removal of the biological growths, repointing of the entire monument, and repairs to the chipped corners. It has also been recommended that the letters on the marker be replaced with a plaque and that missing sections of the palm frond be modeled, cast, and installed.

Such needed restoration and preservation work could cost $35,000. If my beloved were able, he would see to it. The Crown Hill Heritage Foundation cannot now due to other pressing obligations. If you can help me save the artwork of Mr. Schwarz and my husband's memorial to me, please Donate On-line Now or Print This Page. Thank you. Jacob and I would be pleased if you would visit with us in Section 25 at Crown Hill Cemetery.