Corliss Randle Ruckle

Hello. My name is Corliss Randle Ruckle. I was born in 1877 and died in 1889 of diphtheria when I was twelve years old. My loving family memorialized me with a lifelike statue, as was customary in our Victorian times.

Statue of Corliss Randle Ruckle - Front Side I rather enjoy sitting on my spiral stone staircase reading my books and holding my bouquet of flowers. I feel very comfortable in my knee breeches, my shirt with the wide collar, bow tie, and my high-button shoes. Artists and school children like to come out and draw pictures of me. I don' know how much longer I can model for them, however. You can't read my name in the stone anymore. My marble is dissolving, I have pock marks, my details are eroding, and my shoulder, head, and base are rusting. Worst of all I'm covered with gypsum, salt, and biological growths.

Statue of Corliss Randle Ruckle - Back Side Maybe I'll just disappear all together since I do not have a family to take care of me anymore. The conservationists say I need silicone resin treatment, marble cleaning, removal of biological growths with Hempel Pack, and mechanical cleaning with diamond burs or bead micro blasting. But all that could cost $18,000 and I don't know if the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation can save me in time. If you can help save me, please Donate On-line Now or Print This Page. Thank you. I hope you visit me in Section 12 at Crown Hill Cemetery.