Statue of Woman Beside Duden Boulder Hello. I am a woman kneeling beside a large, rough-hewn granite boulder mourning my family, the Duden family. I have shoulder-length hair and I am wearing a long gown. My hands are folded in my lap holding a small bouquet of roses.

A bronze plaque on my boulder reads, “Machtiger Als der Tod Die Liebe” or translated, “Make out of death life.” The plaque also says, “Far from the cares and hopes and fears, out where the silence is deeper than tears, glad as the solitude, deep as the night, lost in God’s night.”

As I kneel, my face, my hair line, and my left hand are eroding. My left arm, the right side of my neck, and my flower bouquet are soot encrusted. My dress is chipped and coppery streaks are leaching from the bronze plate. Gypsum deposits, pock marks, and biological growths are covering my face and chest area. Treatment is urgent. It could be expensive, more than $15,000.

If you can, please Donate On-line Now or Print This Page. Thank you. I kneel in silence for my family and await your visit in Section 51 at Crown Hill Cemetery.