Mary Ella McGinnis

Hello. My name is Mary Ella McGinnis. I was born on December 15, 1869 and died on August 6, 1875 from lung congestion. Papa was a Civil War general. Papa and Mama were very sad when I died and went away.

Statue of Mary Ella McGinnis Mama had a statue made of me, two in fact. She thought the first one made by Mr. Lorado Taft of Chicago did not look like me so she had a second one made by a sculptor in Italy. Mama sent the sculptor a picture of me and some of my clothing. When Mama saw the statue she thought it looked exactly like me almost the same size, with ringlets in my hair, my dress with the lace border and sash, my apron filled with flowers, my maryjane shoes, and my hand reaching out to her.

Mama used to come out every day with her horse and buggy to see me. She brought along her whiskbroom and dusted me all over. I have been here 133 years now and have many visitors. Some put flowers in my apron and some leave me teddy bears. My age is starting to show, however. My dress is chipping, my marble base is starting to crumble, the letters that tell about me are disappearing, and I'm getting covered with years of dust, soot, and gypsum. I have a cracked ankle and a couple of missing fingers too!

I am a little worried about how much longer I will be here since I do not have a family to take care of me anymore. The conservationists say I need stone consolidation with silicone resin, cleaning with Mora AB-57 paste, epoxy injections and crack repairs, plus finger and flower replacement. But all that could cost $20,000 and I don't know if the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation can save me because they have so many others to save. If you can help save me, please Donate On-line Now or Print This Page. Thank you.

Please come see me in Section 16 at Crown Hill Cemetery.