Stone by Stone

Crown Hill has thousands of markers and monuments dating back to the late 1800s. These memorials reflect the lives of the early citizens of our community and give us a sense of the art and architecture of the times. Many of these monuments and sculptures have deteriorated tremendously and will be lost forever unless restoration is provided soon. Although memorials and monuments actually belong to the families who brought them to the cemetery, most of the original owners have no living heirs to fund the restoration of these memorial artworks. We work with professional monument restoration experts to determine the most efficient and safe restoration procedures to be utilized during this valuable process that preserves the past and inspires the future. Click HERE  for photos of our monument restoration on Section 6.

Angel Statue Before RestorationAngel Statue After Restoration We invite you to join us and please Donate On-line Now or Print This Page to help us preserve this icon of Indianapolis history stone by stone.

Before, after, and so many more
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